Honghui Mould Limited is a plastic injection mould builder with facilities in Huangyan, Zhejiang, China. We make perform mould, cap mould, bottle blowing mould for plastic products manufacturers. We also provide folding machine, full-automatic slitting machine, lining machine and all kinds of assistant machine.

Honghui, as the member of Huangyan Mould Association, is founded in 1992 as a professional mould maker. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing plastic mould, we have gathered an extensive expertise in all available mould design, mould maintenance, mould repair and reengineering. We also provide CNC Milling/Machining and EDM Cutting.

Our approach is based first on understanding which is the customer requirements, and then on proposing the manufacturing scenario that better satisfies them, taking into account factors such as mould cost, energy savings and flexibility demand.

The industries we serve include beverage, food, cosmetic, commodity, medical, automotive, and manufacturers of small and major appliances. Our global client list includes New Zealand, Portugal, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, India, Japan, Oman, Iran, UAE, Mexico, Argentina, Algeria Egypt, etc..

We are looking forward to good cooperation with you.

To be the leader of China's mold industry.

Staff -Talents are capital of Honghui

  • We are committed to cultivate every personnel who are seeking to develop and to encourage their initiative and creativity, and to pursuit outstanding achievements and contributions.
  • We advocate simple relationships.
  • Teamwork spirit is our guarantee to achieve common goals.
  • We advocate a healthy and fulfilling life.

Customer – respect and satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction is a measure of our success criteria.
  • Respect, understanding, and communicate with customers as our friends and in good faith.
  • Try our best to do what we can do for customers.
  • Our mission is to continue to exceed our customer's growing expectations.

Management – professional and standardized

  • We are strive to improve the professional quality of our staff.
  • We advocate the standardization of corporate behavior, and strive to establish a sound internal operating mechanism.

Operation – being honest and trustworthy, steadily growing

  • We adhere to honesty, integrity and commitment.
  • We pursue the steady growth, in order to support long-term development.
  • We seek a win-win with partners to better meet customer’s need.

With the newly designed equipment and finishing techniques, Honghui guarantees the high quality of the mold and shortens the time from product design to production, also to ensure that the mold could be used and maintained effectively.

Sophisticated equipment has enabled us to do each and every little thing, Honghui makes every effort to create simple structure, more precise, stronger rigidity, longer durability and high technology product.